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AR™ Glass is a non-conductive, wide-band coating designed to perfectly minimize reflection and maximize transmittance on glass over the visible spectrum. It’s especially designed for high-performance applications for a wide variety of displays. Reflectance and transmittance are defined using luminance values photopically corrected and integrated in the visible region. The 1931 CIE Chromaticity diagram with 10 degree observer and illuminant D65 is used to define the reflected color when specified.

We are a distributor for this Guardian (Manufacturer) Anti-Reflective here in the USA.

It’s Guardian Clarity glass that protects the artwork at one of the most famous museums in the world, chosen, according to the company, for its ability to reduce reflections while increasing light transmission.

“Other than needing a quick wipe down, the glass served as the unseen hero protecting this and many other priceless world treasures and works of art around the globe,” reads a Koch Industries press release. “People and institutions, like the Louvre, choose this anti-reflective glass because it enables closer, more intimate interaction with the items on display, while providing security and protection when laminated.”

The glass, Koch says, can reduce reflections from around 8% to 0.7% and can increase light transmission from 90% to 98%.

Typical Application
Pin Ball and Video Games
Medical Devices
Large Format Displays

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