Tempered Glass


Tempered Glass

Tempered Toughened Decor Glass


tempered glass


tempered glass suppliers


  • Tempered and Heat Strengthened Glass thicknesses from 1/8″ to 3/4″ available in a variety of substrates
  • Maximum size – 96″ x144″
  • Minimum size – 4″ diameter
  • Minimized optical distortion
  • Silk-screening & roll coating for spandrel, frit, and back painted applications
  • Digital printing utilizing Dip-Tech printers for custom & decorative applications
Typical Application
Medical Equipment
Glass Shelving
Digital Printing
Color and Painted Glass
Glass Bending
Ceramic Decorating
Patterned Glass
Insulated or Monolithic Glass
Bullet Resistant Glass
Tempered Laminated Glass
Curtain Walls
Architectural Glass
Heavy Equipment Windows
Tempered Insulated Glass
Electric Switchable Glas

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