Commercial Industrial and Advertising Glass


Commercial Industrial and Advertising Glass

Industrial Commercial Catering Equipment for Kitchen


Decorative Door and Window Glass


Do you want to use glass to tell a story, enhance a display or help create a product? Whatever your goals are, we can help you with the design and then do the manufacturing the way YOU want it. We work with your ideas to create the image you are after. We don’t just sell glass; we make the things you conceive really happen.

For over 40 years we have worked with multiple technologies for creating glass products. We are the leader in the field of glass fabrication and decorating. Specializing in tempering, fabricating, insulating and laminating, we make 1 or 10,000 pieces. We have led the fields of UV ink technology for screen printing and modern day digital multi color process decorating. We serve our customers in a manner that keeps them coming back year after year, project after project. We employ multi-press lines and have stations to fit all product sizes.

We have Chinese and Mexican operations that save our customers money when overseas operations can be beneficial.

  • Sandblasting & Acid Etching
  • Digital Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Laminated Glass and Graphics
  • Colored and Tinted Glass
  • Process Colors & Halftones
  • Glass Bending
  • Mirror Graphics
  • Bullet Proof Glass
  • Distortion Printing with Vacuum Forms
  • Bottles
  • Ceramic Decorating on Glass
  • Patterned Glass
  • Acrylics & other Plastic Printing
  • Fabrication and Tempering
  • Tempered and Annealed Laminates
  • Antique Mirrors
  • Stained and Leaded Glass
  • Insulated or Monolithic
Typical Application
Art in Glass laminates
Case and truckload quantities – all types
Display and jewelry cases
Exterior and Interior Signage (Backlighted)
Hotel Lobby and Room Glass Requirements
Large Commercial jobs
Medical glass
Multi-color etched designs
Non-Spotting Shower Glass
Printed glass and plastic parts
Production glass and mirror pieces
Reception Window Kits
Special-use Glass Fabrications
Type of Interlayer
EVA or SurlynSGP / SGX For Insulated units we use the latest edge sealing systems
Annealed Glass
Cold Tempered (for flatness)
Heat Strengthened
Insulated (interior solar coats plus argon gases)
Thermal Tempered Glass
Our knowledge of all glass processes saves you time and money
Type of Glass
Annealed Glass
Bent Glass
Chemically Strengthened Glass
Evacuated Glazing
Figure Rolled Glass
Float Glass
Glass Brick
Glue Chipped Glass
Heat-Strengthened Glass
Insulated Glazing, Or Double Glazing
Insulated or Monolithic
Molded Glass
Plate Glass
Prism Glass
Rolled Plate Glass
Self-Cleaning Glass
Sheet Glass
Simulated Leaded Glass
Stained and Leaded glass
Toughened Glass (Tempered Glass)
Size (LxW)
4 x 4 up to 104 x 203
Product Volume
Secondary Operations
Acid Etching
Bullet Proof Glass
Cat I & II Vinyl applications
Glass Bending
Patterned Glass
Mirror Graphics
Sand Blasting
Screen Printing
Selective Glue Chipping
Vgrooving, drilling and beveling

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